Bucaramanga Colombia

Bucaramanga Colombia is the capital city of Santander and is the sixth most populated city in the country. Thanks to the amount of parks this city has, it’s been given nicknames like “La Ciudad de los Parques” (City of Parks) and “La Ciudad Bonita de Colombia” (Colombia’s Beautiful City).

Serving the city with both domestic and international flights is the “Palonegro” Airport located at about 30km west of the city and, it is the eighth largest airport in Colombia.

Geography and Climate

As part of the Andean Region, Bucaramanga Colombia is located on a plateau in the eastern mountain range of the Colombian Andes at 959 meters above sea level. It features a tropical monsoon climate but, it’s noticeably cooler than that.

Thanks to the cool winds coming down from the Eastern peaks that reach almost 3,700 meters above sea level, the average temperature during daytime is 22 degrees Celsius and is cooler than other cities at the same altitude, such as Cali.

At night, temperatures are not that cold as they average 18 degrees Celsius thanks to warm air coming from the Rio de Oro Canyon located to the west of the city.


Bucaramanga is a metropolis surrounded by beautiful vistas and lots of parks. Most importantly there’s the Chicamocha National Park also known as Panachi and is located 50km from the city.

It is the most important tourist attraction due to the variety of outdoor activities that it offers and its spectacular landscape. Some of the activities are paragliding, camping, fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing and others.

Part of the parks popularity is its 6.3km long cable car system as it is one of the longest systems of its type in the world and goes across the Chicamocha Canyon. With three stations, it opened in January 2009 and quickly became famous in the entire Santander region.


During the holidays you can fly to Bucaramanga Colombia for as low as $800 and ride a bus or drive yourself from Palonegro Airport to a hotel for as low as $134 a night. During the “low” season you can fly for as low as $500 and get the same deals on any of the city’s hotels

During the entire trip, whether you’re walking or riding a vehicle you’ll have enough reasons to take pictures all around you thanks to modern art sculptures within the city limits and impressive landscapes all around it. All of it thanks to its location near the Colombian Andes.