Borneo island

Borneo is also known as the rugged island located in the southern east part Malay Archipelago in Asia. The island is believed to be among the top three largest islands in the world and actually the largest in Asia. The island is shared by other Malaysian states which are Sabah and Sarawak, and Indonesian Kalimantan as well as Brunei. Borneo Island is popularly known for its great beaches and biodiverse rainforests, which are a home to wonderful wildlife such as clouded leopards and orangutans. On the side of Sabah you will find Mt. Kinabalu which is 4,095m tall. The mountain is the highest peak in this island.

Borneo island

What to expect at Borneo Island

Kinabalu Park

This is a must visit place on your list of many things you are planning to do in this Island. The park contains 4500 species, hill treks and forest trails to Layang Layang. You can also attempt to reach the great summit of Kinabalu peak. This peak is said to be among the top 20 tallest peaks in the world.

Kinabatangan river tour

If you are not a fan of long hikes, mountain climbing or trek expeditions then you can opt for boat riding on the famous kinabatangan river which run along the province. You will also observe river sharks, monkeys, eagles, pygmy elephants, kingfishers and hornbills among many others.

Orangutan rehabilitation centre

This centre allows the visitors to enjoy antics in their natural environment. You will have an opportunity to walk around the jungle and see these primates, and your family will definitely feel entertained. You can also opt for night trek, which enables the visitors to see exotic nocturnal wildlife in their natural settings.

Offbeat exotic attractions

At TAR marine park that is where is all things happen and your holiday will not be complete without visiting this place where you will enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and other popular aquatic sports. After a busy day diving or snorkeling, you feel like relaxing with your loved ones and there is no better place line poring hot springs. Many people here believe that these springs have healing properties since they contain sulfuric minerals. Above all relaxing in a natural hot springs is just a fun experience that you want to miss. Don’t forget to carry your waterproof camera for taking those unforgettable selfies.

Cultural Tourism

To have a great holiday, it should definitely go beyond the fun and entertainment, and Borneo culture will give you a peak of your holiday. The island has developed its own unique culture and heritage that has become an added attraction to holidaymakers. This is great for children since they learn more about the diversity of our human race. Visitors can also decide to learn more about Iban tribe lifestyle by simply taking a boat ride to Nanda Delok or choose communal houses where the jungle will provide all the essentials and other luxuries such delightful dishes prepared traditionally.

A visit at Malau Basin

A trip to this basin will give you the climax of your visit to Borneo island. Its believed that less than 3000 people have gone to this basin. Others describe the basin as the Sabah’s lost world. A visit to this destination will ensure that you return back to civilization before the end of the day without any difficulties. You can also decide to stay over night and enjoy your night trek.