Beauty, Birds and Bargains

Travel to the mountain village of Ubud, renown for its artists, craftsmen and culture. We stop just out of Ubud  in the small village of Taman to walk through the rice fields and enjoy the natural beauty and peace of the lush green landscape.We see the local rice farmers working in the fields, the ducks feeding in the paddies and the abundant fresh fruits and vegetables all growing in the fertile soils of this quite rural village. Following the walk we visit a local family compound for cold drinks or to enjoy a cup of local Balinese Kopi and  fresh local fruits.


We then take you to the central Ubud markets where you can spend time shopping, bartering and soaking up the atmosphere in this vibrant and colorful market. Following shopping we enjoy a light Balinese style lunch in a traditional  local warung before heading south to the bird park.

Bird Park

See some of the world’s rarest and most endangered birds including the Hornbills, Macaws, Flamingos, Cassowaries and Black Palm Cockatoos. The park also has shimmering lotus ponds and a diverse array of palms and rich tropical flora. Adjoining the Bali Bird Park is the Bali Reptile Park, home of the Komodo Dragon, Pythons and many other rare and unusual reptiles from all over the world. If you would also like to visit the reptile park this option is available to you (cost of entry to Reptile park is not included in tour cost)


After leaving the Bird Park we drive to Denpasar, Bali’s bustling capital city, we take you to one of Denpasars largest department stores and leave you to indulge in some fantastic bargain shopping.